Akara Fishing - FX Fishing Line, Fluorocarbon, Invisible, 33 Yards

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Fluorocarbon is invisible in the water, that is why an angler is able to catch even the most careful fish.  It doesn't freeze.  It doesn't absorb water, so can be used in the water for long periods of time and not loose its durability.  High abrasion resistance allows to fish with finer line and not be afraid to cut the line at the edge of the ice.  Fluorocarbon is heavier than the water, which helps to drop lures to the fishing depths fast.

Diameter 12mm:  test 3,2lb/1,45kg - OUT OF STOCK

Diameter 14mm:  test 4,9lb/2,20kg - OUT OF STOCK

Diameter 16mm:  test 6,3lb/2,86kg - OUT OF STOCK

Diameter 18mm:  test 7,7lb/3,50kg

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