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Our sleds are made out of high-density polyethylene that will not crack, chip, fade, or leak. Their heavy-duty design means they’re capable of carrying up to 1,300 lbs across long distances and over rugged terrain. All of our sleds are built around an iron frame, which greatly increases their durability and carrying capacity. Snowmobile sled is made of plastic and designed for transportation of all kinds of freights by snowmobiles and cross-country vehicles. The structure of sled is quite simple, but this product is distinguished by reliability and durability thanks to the special manufacturing method. The material used by MakPlast company in the manufacturing is high-density polyethylene. All our sleds are easy-sliding on snow and ice. Steel Tow hitch included.

Size: 6.2" x 29,1" x 19.7"

Weight: 39.1-39.6 lbs

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